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Listed below are some products/services available to hire for your event.

For prices based on your location with fuel costs included, find the up-to-date brochure download links at the bottom of this page.

If you'd like to hire something for your event, either fill in the contact box on the home page, or send an email to

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Football Tables

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Football Tennis

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Fast Feet Challenge

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Football Darts

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Inflatable Shoot Out


Subsoccer is an idle football challenge. 

The game is played with 2 competitors sitting at each end of a table. Players take part by playing a game of football, using only their legs within the container.

The game can be applicable to almost any event. Commonly used for entertainment at corporate events and fun days.

Subsoccer can be set up indoor or outdoor, in any applicable space with a flat surface.

Dimensions when set up:

L: 1.95m

W: 82cm

H: 70cm

Subsoccer hire
play subsoccer ireland

Foosball Tables

Table foosball is commonly played in youth clubs, schools and at many entertainment venues, all around the world.

Using the handles to score goals, everyone knows the rules of foosball. 2, 3 or 4 players can take part at one time.

Table foosball is a very popular and affordable choice for any event.

Dimensions when set up:

L: 1.22m

H: 61cm

W: 77cm

Foosball Tables
football table hire NI

Teqball Tables

Teqball is a relatively new sport, in which players at each end of the curved table, attempt to deliver the ball to one another with similar-to-tennis rules. 

Players have their ball control put to the test, using their keepy uppy skills to return the ball in whichever way possible, to try and earn points.

A large space surrounding the table is required for the players to take part effectively. The recommended space required for a single-game set up would be approximately 6m x 4m.

A good level of ball control is recommended for this challenge, therefore the game is a better fit for events that involve adults and children aged 12 or over.

teqball hire
play teqball NI

Football Tennis

This tennis net sits up at approximately 60cm high.

Football tennis is a fun twist for ballers to test their control and try something different on the pitch.

The football tennis setup allows ballers to participate up to 3v3.

Football tennis works well at fun days, summer camps and football clubs.

Fooball Tennis
football tennis

FastFeet Challenge

The fast feet challenge is a fun interactive game for ballers of all ages.

The game has illuminating targets to hit as part of a time trial. Scores are recorded and put on to a leaderboard.

This challenge attracts a lot of attention, and can also be used as a training drill, helping players to practice their first touch, short passes, control, turning and vision.

Diameter: 2.5m

Fast Feet Challenge
FastFoot Challenge at event

Inflatable Football Darts

Our football dartboard is ideal for large events and fun fairs. The activity is visually impressive and great for drawing a crowd.

Participants of all ages enjoy firing shots at the board to achieve a high score.

The dartboard is velcro so the balls stick and stay until they are pulled off. Balls high up on the board can be fetched with the reaching pole provided.

H: 4.5m

L: 4m

W: 4.5m

Football Darts
football darts hire NI

Inflatable Football Shoot Out

The football shoot out is an inflatable suitable for children and adults.

A large space is required to allow for shooting distance.

This fun interactive challenge is ideal for birthday parties, sports events and larger gatherings. With several targets, the inflatable is designed for many hours of fun.

It can be set-up on any flat surfaces.

Height: 2.75m

Length: 3.75m

Depth: 2.75m

Inflatable Shoot Out
Football inflatables hire NI

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