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McDonalds & IFA

Fun Day Tournament

Mcdonalds fun day (1).jpg
Mcdonalds fun day (2).jpg

Larne FC

End of season celebration

Larne FC - Football Freestyler
Table football - Larne FC Entertainment

Just A Chat

Charity Fun Day @ Glenavon FC

Just A Chat - Fun Day Event Glenavon

Irish Freestyle Football Championship 2021, 22 & 23

Football Entertainment at Events

Ballways hosts the annual football freestyle championship in Ireland each year.

Above you can see some entertainment alongside the main event in 2021.

Below are some photos from the 2023 edition.

Ballers from around the country take part in the competition to see who can produce the best skills on stage and become the national champion.

Ireland freestyle football championship
Ballymun freestyle event
Football Freestyler Marc Jonin Ireland
football freestyle competition Ireland
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